Group & Individual Coaching

Allow me to take on the delicate subject of critiquing an individual’s image in a tactful, respectful but effective manner.  My coaching can be individualized or with small groups (4 or less).  Each training ends with a Q&A session that is thought provoking and energizing to your staff.

Need some help with the on-boarding process for new employees?  Let me partner with your HR staff to train and set expectations for interns and new hires.

Perhaps you are seeking to rebrand yourself as well?  Let’s schedule a private consultation session where we can talk about your personal goals and how my coaching will help you reach your objectives.

Staff Workshops

Designed to work with your staff to best represent your company’s image and create a positive and lasting impression.

I will create a customized workshop so your staff is on point representing your company in the eyes of the public, customers and potential clients.  This will contribute to increase productivity, boost morale and enhance your brand.

Executive Workshops

Custom designed for mid to top level executives.

I position them to step up their career with confidence: How to enter a room with presence, conduct a meeting with confidence or succesfully deliver your company’s message to a new client.